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Risks of Social Media Posting During Your Illinois Divorce Proceedings

Throughout the Illinois divorce process, the risks of social media posting hold strong consequences over family law disputes. Despite billions relying on social media, the divorce process contains countless nuances and legal ramifications. Although prospective divorcees find virtual solace in friends and family, doing so has its share of drawbacks.

Fundamental Risks of Social Media Posting During an Illinois Divorce

Most social media platforms added in stronger privacy settings over the past several years. Despite the additions, other parties can still find your content. Among the risks of social media posting, showcasing new purchases, vacation photos, and other luxury items do more to harm than help a divorce case. Potentially, these types of images indicate that a person possesses greater financial assets.

In addition, uploading photos of drinking and partying could be used as an indicator of unfit parenting. Furthermore, derogatory or inflammatory comments against the opposing party display a similar image Lastly, despite the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, it is still illegal at the federal level. More so, drug usage builds the image of unfit parenting, especially with minors at stake.

Dangers of Closed Facebook Groups

While closed Facebook groups appear sheltered from public image, a resourceful spouse or attorney could easily gain access. Plus, any mutual friends sharing closed content broadens the group’s publicity.

Attorneys often get screenshots from a spouse or an opposing attorney saying, “Look what my spouse is doing (or saying) in this closed Facebook group.”

Discuss the Risks of Social Media Usage with Bruckner Hernandez

Overall, the risks of social media posting accumulate quickly throughout the divorce process. Although platform settings appear to mitigate public access, once something is posted online, it’s there forever. And, it’s just as accessible.

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