Divorce coach in collaborative divorce

Divorce Coaching: Involving a Specialist in the Collaborative Divorce Process

While the Illinois divorce process introduces natural stressors, taking up divorce coaching presents contemporary solutions. In a traditional litigation, both parties vie for a more preferrable outcome. Thus, traditional litigation pits them against one another. Such a dynamic naturally increases stress.

On the other hand, the collaborative divorce process seeks mutually beneficial solutions. Through this method, spouses and their respective attorneys work together to achieve a fair settlement. Ideally, both parties move forward with an amicable relationship.

Introducing Divorce Coaching to the Collaborative Divorce

To achieve an amicable solution, the collaborative divorce team at Bruckner Hernandez often brings in a neutral professional with a background in mental health. This professional provides divorce coaching solutions, helping both parties navigate  the emotional component of the divorce.

As a mental health professional, the divorce coach understands the psychological components of divorce. Furthermore, they facilitate discussions between the collaborative team (the clients and their collaborative lawyers). Notably, divorce coaches effectively manage expectations, encouraging coping mechanisms in a positive way.

Distinguishing Divorce Coaching from Legal Guidance

In general, divorce coaching concentrates on mitigating spousal emotions. Although divorce coaches may be present for legal discussions, they do not provide legal guidance.

On the other hand, the family law firm at Bruckner Hernandez attends to all legal aspects of the collaborative divorce process. This entails both settlement agreements and statutory components. Despite the differences coaches and attorneys work hand-in-hand. Both seek a resolution on their clients’ (and their childrens’) best interests.

Attorneys at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions Can Help

Through the collaborative process, attorneys reach agreements and allow the family to move forward on friendly terms. Additionally, bringing in the mental health experience of divorce coaches helps to strengthen the team.

With divorce coaching options, our team brings a compassionate approach to the forefront. For legal guidance with your Illinois divorce filing, contact the family law firm at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC.

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