Pre-Divorce Attorney Counseling: Benefits of the Collaborative Approach Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions LLC

Pre-Divorce Attorney Counseling: Benefits of the Collaborative Approach

While couples sometimes hastily run into the divorce process, pre-divorce attorney counseling creates a measured approach. Although it can be tempting to forge ahead quickly, counseling often uncovers additional insights, both financial and otherwise. At Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, our team of family attorneys helps clients to address these factors.

How Pre-Divorce Attorney Counseling Works

Pre-divorce attorney counseling educates the clientele. Through this process, partners gain knowledge of their full financial situation. This includes all information about retirement plans, investments, real estate holdings, and savings accounts. Furthermore, it adds clarity to which assets fall under marital property.

Essentially, the couple speaks with attorneys prior to engaging in the divorce filing. While doing so, they understand the full financial playing field. Typically, this aids in the problem-solving component of divorce.

Employ the Collaborative Divorce Process to Reach a Common Goal

Following pre-divorce attorney counseling, Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions employs the Collaborative Divorce process. This facilitates a team environment as opposed to a hostile one. By working together, couples create an agreement that works towards a common goal.

In a Collaborative Divorce, both spouses may meet with a neutral financial professional who can help them understand their financial situation. The financial professional guides them through different scenarios, so they can determine for themselves a plan that will work for them and serve the best interests of their family.

Explore Pre-Divorce Attorney Counseling with Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions

While certainly not a requirement in the state of Illinois, pre-divorce legal counseling acts as an invaluable resource to the couple. By pursuing this route, couples tend to collaborate better, creating a divorce agreement that satisfies their unique challenges.

For legal guidance throughout the Illinois divorce process, contact the family law firm at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC.

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