preserving relationships after a divorce

Collaborative Divorce: Preserving Relationships Post Divorce

When a divorcing couple has children, they will find that a major benefit of a Collaborative Divorce is that it is a process that helps them preserve their relationship post-divorce. No matter how old the children are when the divorce happens, it will benefit the family for both parents to be involved throughout their children’s and grandchildren’s activities for the rest of their lives.

How a Divorce Coach in a Collaborative Divorce Helps Preserve Post-Divorce Relationships

Children feel the effect of their parents’ divorce. They observe first-hand the relationship between their parents. Children often feel the divorce is their fault. They can feel a lot of unnecessary pressure. A divorce coach can help parents see what is happening from the children’s perspective, they can help to relieve the pressure and tension that can often be caused by parents’ missteps.

Education is key. Educating parents about the effect that their interactions have on their children is key. Education teaches parents to:

  • Understand the strong negative message that emotionally charged interactions can send to children. Parents will focus on their children’s needs and best interests and will seek to avoid such interactions. The also learn strategies to spare their children overhearing and internalizing disagreements.
  • Avoid speaking negatively about the other parent. Children are aware that they are one-half of each parent. When one parent spouts indiscriminately about how the other parent is a no-good, horrible person, the children may believe that means that they are also no-good, horrible people since they are half of that bad person. When parents understand this, they can work on dealing with their own emotions in order to avoid putting this burden on their children.

In the Collaborative Divorce process, a child specialist can be brought in when necessary to work with the children.

Importance of Preserving Family Relationships

Throughout life, there will be events like soccer games and school programs for children and, eventually, grandchildren. There will be holidays, graduations, and weddings. If parents have preserved family relationships post-divorce, both will be able to attend these events without hostility toward each other. Both parents can honor their children together.

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