Divorce coach in collaborative divorce

The Role of the Divorce Coach in a Collaborative Divorce

Everyone agrees going through a divorce is a stressful experience! Emotions may be on edge and both spouses may say things that they later regret. In a divorce using the traditional litigation process, the parties are pitted against each other, each trying to be the “winner.” Such a dynamic naturally increases stress.

In the Collaborative Divorce process, the spouses and their attorneys work together to achieve a fair settlement, one that enables each of them to move forward with their lives in as amicable a way as possible. To achieve that end, a neutral professional, with a background in mental health, can be a member of the collaborative team to help deal with the emotional component of the divorce.

Why Having a Divorce Coach is Important

A mental health professional, referred to as a divorce coach in the Collaborative Process, understands the psychology behind why people behave the way they do. They help facilitate discussions between the Collaborative team (the clients and their collaborative lawyers) as a whole. Divorce coaches know how to deal with the expectations of the spouses and can help them utilize coping mechanisms in a positive way.

A breakdown in communication is a common problem that leads to the decision to divorce.  Coaches can help both spouses hear what the other one is saying. A coach is often able to reframe what one person is saying and screen out the parts that are not pertinent, which can result in a significant savings, both in time and money.

The attorneys are trained to attend to the legal aspects of the divorce, making sure the settlement agreements meet the required statutory components. The divorce coach focuses on ensuring that spouses’ emotions during divorce process do not derail the process.

In the Collaborative Divorce process, the spouses, their attorneys, and the divorce coach work together to meet the needs of the couple in reaching a settlement agreement that is in the best interest of both parties and their children if they have minor children.

Attorneys at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions Can Help

One of the best things about Collaborative Divorce is having the relevant expertise (legal, financial, child development, mental health) together at the table to facilitate a settlement agreement without court intervention. In collaboration with other professionals, agreements are created in ways that allow restructured family relationships to go forward without the anger and bitterness that often results from a court process.

Our attorneys at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions are compassionate and apply their legal skills to pursue positive resolutions and negotiate peaceful settlements.

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