Common Divorce Fears

Common Divorce Fears

A divorce can be a frightening process, particularly for those people who have been married for many years. Sometimes, they cannot even articulate what they are afraid of; they just know they are afraid of what lies ahead.

Financial Fear

One fear is  what will happen to the family assets that were previously used to support one household. How will it work for those same assets to support two separate homes? In a Collaborative Divorce, a neutral financial professional helps the couple get a realistic picture of their finances, and offers options for division of assets and debts that best benefits both parties.

The focus changes from the attitude of “How do I get the biggest share of the pie?” to “How do we maximize the pie?” The professional also factors in tax ramifications, so both spouses understand how to make their future financial situation work for both of them.

Fear for the Children

Many parents are concerned about how their minor children will adjust to living in two different homes, and going back and forth between them. Parents wonder how the children will adjust initially and what impact the divorce may have on their future. The fear for the children can also be  connected to the financial fears and wondering if the children will suffer from a change in their known lifestyle.

In a Collaborative Divorce, a coach or child specialist can be part of the team who will assist parents in creating a parenting plan that lessens the impact of the transition on the minor children.

Fear of the Unknown

The fear of the unknown is common for both parties, but more common for the spouse who does not want the divorce, where the other spouse has left them no choice. The reluctant spouse fears almost everything about the divorce and wonders what will happen next, both financially and for the children.

The person may feel they will lose their longstanding community network,  which was built around the marriage relationship. This fear can be  associated with the fear of losing the person’s faith-based network. Even though divorce has become more accepted, there are still those who feel there is a stigma attached to divorce.

Pre-Divorce Legal Counseling

At Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, we offer pre-divorce legal counseling as a way to help people to identify their fears, to begin thinking about those fears,  and how to help resolve those fears.

By identifying the major concerns of the client, we can alleviate some of those fears and provide resources that are tailored to their specific needs.

For more information about how we can help allay your fears about your divorce, contact us at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC, to schedule a consultation.