collaborative divorce team focused on your family

Collaborative Practice Series – Part 3: A Team Centered around Your Family

Collaborative Divorce: A Team Centered around Your Family


Going through divorce can make you feel isolated and alone, unsure of where to turn to for support and advice. Unlike traditional divorce, Collaborative Practice provides a team of skilled professionals to help you manage the many aspects of the divorce process.

The Collaborative Team:

Family Law Attorney: Each of you has a collaboratively trained attorney to advise you about your rights and responsibilities and assist you in negotiating your agreement. Collaborative Attorneys focus their efforts on helping you develop creative solutions.

Divorce/Communications Coach: You may have a collaboratively trained Divorce Coach to help you manage the strain of changing relationships, improve communication skills, and focus on current and future goals.

Financial Specialist: If necessary, the guidance of the neutral Financial Specialist may help you identify financial interests and concerns. Documenting assets, income, debts and obligations, the Financial Specialist assists both of you in understanding and developing financial options for your future.

Child Specialist: Children should be a priority, not a casualty. If necessary, a Child Specialist meets with your children privately, helping them express their feelings and concerns about the divorce. The Child Specialist then communicates their feelings, concerns, and hopes to the parents and the team to consider when planning for the children’s lives.

Open Communication:

Developing the lines of communication is essential for reaching an agreement. Improvement of your communication is supported through a series of meetings between you, your spouse, and your collaborative team.

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