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CoParenting Behavior Under Executive Order


As we all continue to adapt to COVID 19 pandemic, coparenting behavior is still at the forefront. The Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions team understands that situations can be especially challenging for divorced and separated parents that are trying to coparent during this crisis. We recently received a letter from the Honorable Judges Matekaitis and Pedersen from the 23rd Judicial Circuit of DeKalb County about parenting time orders and child exchanges under the Governor’s Executive Order.

We would like to share a few excerpts from the letter, and remind parents that your actions and behaviors matter throughout this critical time and always.

CoParenting Behavior: Parenting Time

It is the Judges collective belief that the Governor’s Executive Order specifically allows parents to transport their children for purposes of parenting time. They have remarked that “the decisions that parents will make in the days and weeks ahead may ultimately be presented to the court for its review as to the reasonableness of a parent’s actions, including proceedings pursuant to 750 ILCS 5/607.5. The court may determine a parent’s actions were contemptuous or perhaps unreasonable. The remedies available to the court may have significant consequences for the parties as set forth in 607.5.”

“The goal of the court is to encourage parents to communicate and act reasonably considering all the facts and circumstances involving each family. We are certain there are many variables that may present themselves that each individual family will consider when making their decisions.”

CoParenting Behavior: Shared Parenting

The letter also emphasizes that importance of a child to be cared for and spend time with both parents per orders of the court. “We trust that parents will understand that as their child’s activities and schedules have been disrupted, it is even more important that the schedule of having time with the other parent remain unchanged.” As such, we urge parents to honor the parenting plan you currently have in place.

The Judges would like to remind parents that their actions will be reviewed and considered under the facts of each case in determining their compliance with the orders of the court.

We wish you all peaceful resolution and strength during this difficult time. Our team is here for you if you need us. We are committed to helping families that face difficult situations requiring legal intervention. We offer personalized legal services that promote harmony within families.


Although the road ahead presents its share of challenges for coparents coping with the executive order, the Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions team is here to provide compassionate assistance.

For assistance with coparenting behavior, please reach out to the family law firm at Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions.

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