Respectful Dispute Resolution

In this unchartered landscape of social distancing and public closures, including courthouses in our state for the majority of family cases, we Collaborative Professionals are ready to help resolve family related legal disputes without court. This is what we do. We are currently limiting in-person meetings, but are offering both current and prospective clients phone and video-conferencing options. We are available to do collaborative divorce, mediations and parenting coordination as needed.

The Collaborative Process is an option for families to resolve legal disputes without the need for judicial intervention.  We also offer pre-divorce legal counseling to help you analyze your particular situation, to see what might be best for your family. Please check out our Blog Post about co-parenting during the “Stay at Home” Executive Order in Illinois effective 3/20/20.

A message from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals reminds us that our teams “know how to face hard realities and craft creative solutions.  We know how to manage big emotions under stress, and how to separate and prioritize wants and needs, making sure everyone’s needs are addressed. We are experts at crafting creative solutions, finding new ways of moving on, and helping others to do the same.”

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family-centered communication & personalized solutions.

Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals and families by taking a collaborative approach to the practice of family law. Serving clients throughout Northern Illinois, founders Sandra Petras Bruckner and Rachel Hernandez are compassionate and experienced attorneys, mediators, and advocates. Their team is committed to helping families reach sustainable resolutions to family related legal disputes.

A firm focused on addressing concerns and interests in the legal process and working to minimize time in court by focusing on family-centered communication and personalized solutions. An intentionally small legal practice with dedicated lawyers gives us the flexibility to focus on building meaningful relationships with clients.

With Illinois offices in Kane and DeKalb Counties, Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions welcomes clients from Aurora, Geneva, St. Charles, Batavia, Elgin, Sycamore, DeKalb and throughout the surrounding areas. Contact Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC to take the steps necessary to move toward reaching your family law related goals. Call us at 630-888-0017 and schedule an initial consultation.

Focus on What's Important

We offer personalized legal services that promote harmony within families.

Customized Solutions

We understand the reality of your family challenges, and are committed to advocating for the best resolution to fit your unique situation.

St. Charles and Sycamore, Illinois Family Law and Collaborative Divorce attorneys serving Geneva, Elgin, Batavia, Aurora, St. Charles, DeKalb, Sycamore and surrounding areas in Northern Illinois

Customized Solutions

Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC offers customized solutions. Whether you desire traditional or collaborative representation, or one of our many a la carte legal services, you have options at Legal Solutions. We can provide full legal representation through an entire matter. Legal Solutions also provides unbundled legal services, or limited scope representation. This means you can pick and choose what you need – you can pay for individual services at a reasonable flat-fee rate. 

Focused on the big picture, Rachel, Sandi, and their team often work with other professionals, such as therapists, counselors, financial professionals, and local not-for-profit organizations to help families get through the trying times of divorce and child-related issues.

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Our practice areas

Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce process is a method that promotes mutual and joint problem solving between spouses.

Uncontested Divorce

After a separation, the ideal situation involves spouses agreeing to part ways amicably and proceeding in an uncontested divorce.

Child Issues

We can provide beneficial solutions to minimize the effect that divorce has on a family and to promote working together going forward.


Mediation is considered an out-of-court solution that allows the parties to resolve legal issues in an amicable manner.

Domestic Violence

Attorney Rachel Hernandez has worked on behalf of families dealing with domestic violence for nearly two decades and attended law school with this as a focus. (read more)

Guardian Ad Litem

Rachel Hernandez of Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC attended law school with a goal of working on behalf of children and families in crisis and is a qualified Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Kane County. A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney, appointed by the court to assist the court with issues regarding disputes involving children.

LIMITED SCOPE (a la carte legal services)

Limited Scope Representation provides individually customized client services for individuals who may not need or want full representation. You choose the form and cost of services that best fit your situation. We can provide you with the resources that enable you to achieve your goals.

Professional and experienced family law attorneys

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Personal attention

We offer personalized legal services that promote harmony within families. Regardless of the exact issues involved, we take the time to develop an understanding of our clients as well as their top priorities and concerns. At Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC, we always strive to keep communication open and offer all possible scenarios to our clients so that the best, most informed decisions can be made.

collaborative solutions

As local lawyers with deep community roots, Sandra Bruckner and Rachel Hernandez enjoy providing quality services to families facing legal related challenges. Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, in both St. Charles and Sycamore, Illinois, our firm proudly assists clients in Kane and DeKalb Counties as well as other communities throughout the area. The Legal Solutions team often work with other professionals, such as therapists, counselors, financial professionals, and local not-for-profit organizations to help families get through the trying times of resolving family related legal issues.


When parents and children face difficult situations requiring emotional and legal intervention, an experienced, compassionate lawyer is essential. At Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC, we understand the reality of family-related challenges, and are committed to advocating for the best resolution to fit your unique situation. Bruckner Hernandez Legal Solutions, LLC assists families with a wide variety of concerns and supports clients going through legal conflicts including: child custody (now called allocation of parental responsibilities), child support, visitation, parenting time, and related family law issues.


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Our client's reviews

"As my day winds down I just wanted to take a moment to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for your work in court today, You deftly handled a difficult situation and came up with an agreement that I believe is far better than anything the judge would have been willing to grant without your input. Well done and thank you! I sent a note of thanks to Officer Peacock because I did appreciate his presence but also because I understand that your attention to detail in having everyone available to testify was key to getting the best result possible. Hopefully my perspective is helpful to him as well."
Former Client
Rachel, we cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond for our family. We could never have done this without you. You made the hard situation very easy for us to handle. We will be forever grateful. I'm sorry you could not be there with us on Wednesday. It was such a special day. Judge Parkhurst is a wonderful man. We will recommend you to anyone we know looking for legal advice. You have been wonderful. Thanks again for everything!!!"
Former Clients
"I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on my child support case. She has remarkable knowledge and experience on this topic, along with being a licensed mediator. She has shown effective collaboration and communication skills. Rachel’s professionalism is full of compassion and desire to help my young family. Rachel provided extensive legal guidance and advice regarding my needs. She was very respectful of my retainer and followed up with an itemized bill. Rachel was always keeping me updated on the progress of the case, discussions with the other attorney and steps to settle my case. She is prompt with emails and phone calls as well as flexible when scheduling meetings. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of her hard work."
Former Client
"Sandi, I want to thank you for all you did for me. I so appreciate all the support you gave to me throughout my divorce. Your professionalism and guidance helped me move past a very difficult time in my life. I am in a much better place because of you. I wish you much success in helping others work out their issues.
Former Client